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Corporate Culture
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Corporate Vision : LED World, Green Life

Corporate Spirit : Humility , Cooperativeness , Activeness , Ambitiousness , Loyalty and Sacrifice , Gritiness

Core value : Trust and Honesty , Aprreciation , Commitment and Accountatility

Services Guide Line : Active , Fast hnoesty foresees bright future, Systematic , Considerate

Marketing Slogan : Professionalism forges high quality ,

Business Operation Idea :
1. Success is based on the fulfillment of goals; 
2. Innovation is the fountain of corporation development ; 
3. Speed and efficiency is the key to success; 
4. Quality is the backbone of Superluming ;
5. Teamwork is our most precious treasure ; 
6. Learning means to vitality, to innovation , and to core competence; 
7. Competitors are also our cooperative partners ;
8. Maximizing customers'''' value is our ceasonoss dedication.

Management Concept
1. Taking people as the foremost and kindness as the creed: As a human oriented company, Superluming always consider human beings as the most important factor to its development, and advocates innovation.
2. Learning with modesty and improving without end ;
3. Setting examples for the distinction between right and duty ;
4. Being magnanimous and considerate ;
5. Guided by goals and orlented by performance ;
6. Being credible, helpful and win with team ;
7. Systematic management with efficiency and preciseness ;
8. Integration of strictness and flexibility ;