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The development process of new products


1, The marketing department gathers the relevant information to the R & D department.

Afterward,the R & D department analysis which include structure, power and cost estimates of the products according to the characteristics and performance of the products. The related engineer to determine the main parameters of the driver and the shape size.


2, The purchasing department to convene the relevant departments which include engineering, sales, purchasing and the general manager of the meeting to confirm the development cycle, the probably development costs and design the schematics and the PCB chart.


3,According to the schematic and the PCB chart, determine the main parameters and the electrical requirements of the components, shape size, PCB, make a proof for the required components and workout a preliminary materials list.


4,According to the materials list, we determine the probably cost of the driver, convene the relevant departments which include engineering , sales , purchasing and the general manager of the meeting to analyse the cost performance of driver,evaluate the necessity of development, determine whether continue to develop. If so, we will offer the PCB material to the suppliers to make a proof.


5,Samples production, work out the main parameters of the driver and detect whether all the parameters is steady and all the components are working within nominal range, especially the power devices ,check if the layout of component  is reasonable and the Structure installation is convenience. If the product is required certification, we product the sample according to the certification requirements, and arrange the relevant technical information, the engineers who assist in the test of the certification company to complete the testing of all projects.


6,Guidance and implement the small-scale trial production which is 100 products. The main purpose to do the small-scale trial production is to check if the employees’operation is safety, convenience at the time of production, the production of defective rate is within the required range which is 3%, the consistency of the product function is very good, whether the products can normally work after the 35-45 ° C  48 hours long-term aging test.


7,Arrange all the technical information which include the final table of BOM, technical parameters, attention things and operating standards,afterward, offer to each department.


8,Assistance and supervision of suppliers to produce SMT stencil, and check feasibility of the stencil.


9, Assist the quality department or production department inspect the original material especially some of the key devices, such as transformers, PCB, etc...


10, Guide the staff to correct operation in the production process and tell them the attention things when testing, avoid unnecessary misoperation.


11, Analyse the reasons of the defective products, in particular the quantities of defective production in the production process, and propose the solution according to the reasons.


12,Finally,to confirm the performance of the new products have no problem and fit the needs of the market, afterward, to train the relevant department and the sales department on the new products.