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Quality Control

Quality is the most important for Superluming. Quality is the base for the long-term cooperation between our customers and Superluming and our suppliers and Superluming. 

Engineer Information

Qualified engineer is the beginning of stable design, so our H&R department pay more attention to the choice for the right engineer. Our main electronic engineer is with 9 years experience in driver design. The personality is also very important, because only right person can do perfect job. 

First step: Design and tests for new driver (I)

Engineer will set up a project to the new design according to the market survey from sales department, including performance, cost control and so on. Totally considering the cost and reasonable design, engineer will confirm the IC. We will choose main components with good brands from abroad or Taiwan, for instance, Rubycon capacitor from Japan. After engineer to finish the design, the assistant engineer will make the following tests for the samples. 

First step: Design and tests for new driver (II)
A.The temperature tests for the main components under the stable working, including: transformer, IC, MOS and so on. 
B. Turn-on-off test, 3 seconds open, 3 seconds off, at least   30,000 times. The test times different from different driver. 
C. The whole finished lamps are aging in the electric oven for 72 hours under the environment temperature of 50 degree.  

D. After the above tests, engineer will test EMC to the special lab. 

Trial production

If all the above tests are finished and past, the R&D department will do trial production for 200pcs finished lamps. The 200pcs lamps will be aged for 1,000hours in the aging room with the environment temperature of 35 degree. One certain worker is responsible for the aging room and do turn on-off test every 2hours. The aim for the 1,000hours aging test is to prove the stability for the driver, sometimes also the light attenuation for the new LED. For some special products, we will make the specific test. For instance, for the MR16 working with most of the electronic transformers, we will age them part with electronic transformers and the others with magnetic transformers.  

Main production

If the trial production is past, the R&D department will offer the data sheet and instruction for the production to the factory. The products can be produced normally. The tests for main production includes different process as following

Incoming Quality Control

QC worker will check the quality according to the acknowledgement from R&D or suppliers and deal with the unqualified components accordingly. For the main order, for example, 5000pcs, we also make a trial production of 200pcs before the total order. We age the 200pcs for 24 hours and see the defective situation. Our assistant engineer will check the reason once we found the defective lamps. They will confirm the reason and see what the problem is. If the first 200pcs are no problem, we will continue the production for the mail order. Because we had such experience that we didn’t find the problem in IQC. But the problem occurred during the aging time due to the unqualified raw materials. Our job is to control the quality within our company and never let the unqualified products to our customers. 

QC during the production

QC worker will follow the whole production, who are trained with the experience in previous production, mainly the problem during the production. At the same time, the worker for certain process make the self-check. Because they will be trained before doing the production.


Aging testing

All the lamps from Superluming will be aged 24 hours after the production. The first 8 hours for the normal aging, next 8 hours for turn on-off aging and the last 8 hours for normal aging again. 

QC before delivery (I)
After the aging, we will make surface inspection and performance inspection (electronic data, hitting the lamps and see if there is pour-welding in it, lighting performance). Everything is ok, the lamps will QC before delivery(II)

For the packed products, the QC worker will make the inspection on random according to the production rate. Almost the same tests as above and also test the lumen output. If they find the problem within the standard rate, they will ask production line to deal with. Otherwise, production line have to reproduce this order. 

Warranty time
The above is for the quality within the production. We can offer 2-3 years warranty time according to different products. We will confirm the warranty time according to the lifespan of capacitor and the real working temperature. As for the detail information for warranty time, please see another file special for it.